Primark Haul: London

Hey there my loves. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I bought some things in Primark a few weeks ago when I was in London and I haven't yet shown them to you so I thought I would :)

Disco Leggings in Left: Cobalt & Right: Grey ~ £7.00 Each

Now I do love me a disco legging/pant and I probably shouldn't buy anymore, but I can honestly say I love these and I know I will get my wear out of them. I already purchased the black pair here which I wore on a night out a few weeks ago. I really like how they feel on and actually don't mind my legs in them. They don't super suck me in like I imagine the American Apparel ones do, but for £7.00 I really can't fault them. I would like to pick up more of the black if I visit Primark again before they sell out.

Left: Black & Cobalt Baroque Leggings ~ £6.00

Now these I adore. I absolutely love the baroque style of them and the cobalt colour makes them such a statement. These would take a simple top and footwear to a higher place. I find that baroque styles are usually shown in a metallic form on dresses or trousers which is why I think I have never taken to this trend, but these leggings have converted me. I would love it if Primark brought out more colours of these. I can see red, yellow, pink, green and white. I would buy them all.

Right: Black Jewelled Leggings ~ £7.00

I actually bought these in my last Primark haul, but I had to take them back to exchange them as the top of the rubbish Primark bags that garments are put in have a serrated edge which obviously slit across one of the thighs as the assistant put it in. I know these were just £7.00, but I hadn't even worn them so I went back to change them over and here they are. I think they are really fun and will look good with black ankle boots.

Left: Primark Beauty Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Wipes With Cucumber Extract ~ £1.00 for 25 Wipes

I thought these would be worth giving a try as they are so cheap. They smell really fresh as you would expect from the cucumber. I do like to use exfoliating cleansing wipes at the start of my skincare regime to remove make-up and dirt from my face and neck.

Right: Primark Beauty Felt Eye Liner Pen Black ~ £1.50

I used this once the other day and I do love the pigment of it. It starts off as a lighter black, but the more you go over the line the black becomes deeper in shade. This is a very pointed pen liner that bends just a little at the tip. You can either use the tip for a very fine line or draw using more of the tips side for a thicker line. It did not glide onto my eyes when drawing a flick as easily as it did when I swatched it on my hand, but I want to try it again. Great value for the price though.

Opia Gem Cross Hand Jewellery ~ £1.00 (Reduced From £1.50)

I have always fancied picking up one of these hand/wrist jewels. I have no idea what they are called so please excuse me. I like this one as it looks like I will still be able to move and bend my hand comfortably without this annoying me which when I have looked at other ones before they look more rigid. For £1.00 if I don't like it much I won't cry.

So that's it lovelies. I hope you enjoyed this haul. Have you picked up any fantastic buys from Primark or anywhere else you think I might like? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


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