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Hey there cherubs. I hope you have been enjoying your weekend so far. I spent a lot of yesterday getting my house in order with my fella. We even had a move around of the bedroom and threw some stuff out. I do like a good change around as it makes things feel new. Tonight I am off out to dinner with some of my man's family so I am looking forward to that, but for now I want to share with you my review of Udozi so let me tell you more.

I was approached by Diffusion PR and asked if I would take a look at the Udozi mobile app and website. It is still in beta phase and Diffusion wanted to see if I liked how it worked and report back with any suggestions for changes while also noting the things I really liked.

Udozi is a platform and app to help you find items you are looking for. 

Here is how the website looks. You can view it for yourself here.

Here is how the app will look on your phone. It's free as is the website to sign up.

Both the website and the app work in the same way. You simply search for the item you are looking for in the 'Help me find...' box, Choose in the 'Closest to...' box your current location or enter a street, town or postcode, then select in the 'By...' box driving or walking and search. 

I searched for fancy dress and these are the first few items that popped up. You can search for anything at all. You get lots of information like how far away the items are, if they are in stock, price etc. You can reserve the item ready for picking up or add it to your watch list. The store details are all on there including address, directions, opening times and contact information. The style of the mobile app and website are pretty much identical and very simple to use.

To sign up Udozi will ask for your name, gender, email and a password of your choice. Here is a link for the mobile app.

On this page you can view the Udozi current stores, recommend a store to add or even add your own.

There are many stores in London which are already on board with Udozi which is why Diffusion PR thought it would be best that I tried the app in London. More and more retailers are coming on board though so this is a really useful app to have and why not give it a try as it's free. There are just under 1 million products on Udozi from 160 retailers at the moment and they will be launching more widely further into 2013.

So that's the information about how Udozi works, but how did I find it worked for me.......?

I met the lovely Chris from Diffusion PR at Covent Garden as they were gifting me £100 to purchase items through the app so that I could trial it out. We searched for fashion and beauty items and had a fun time browsing products walking from store to store. The app found items really quickly and made me want to hurry to the stores to see the products.

I ended up with some great products from The Garden Pharmacy and The Algerian Coffee Store. Two perfect places for me as I of course love beauty and when topped off with a coffee fix that's my perfect day.


I love the packaging and the shades of both of these. The Estee Lauder lipstick has a bit of a sweet lipstick scent whereas the Dior lipstick appears unscented.

The Dior Gloss has a brush on applicator. I have always wanted to try out a Mavala Nail Colour so I am excited to try out this gorgeous pearlescent shade.

I will be showing you a NOTD post soon with the Mavala Nail Colour.

Top: Chocca Mocca Drinking Chocolate 100% Real Belgian Dark Chocolate £2.95 for 150g

I could not find this one on the website for a link, sorry.

I think mine was £4.10 though so a little cheaper.

Bottom Right: Cafe Ole Italian Style Espresso Coffee Maker £9.50. Capacity for 3 cups 120ml

I could not find this on the website, sorry. I was told this would work perfectly in brewing my coffee. The staff were so great at helping me choose a coffee that suited my senses. I sniffed away at the coffee been jars that were filled with various aromas and the Formula Rosso blend struck me as one I would enjoy. 

Top Left: 2 Meringue Type Sweets which were gifted to me free by the store

As well as being a coffee fan I do love chocolate so I had to get these yummy treats too :)

I honestly can not praise the staff in both The Garden Pharmacy and The Algerian Coffee Store enough. They were very helpful and informative. Shopping with Chris from Diffusion PR made the whole experience perfect. He really took the time to walk around with me . I felt very relaxed and smiled all the way home with my new treats :)

I think the search function on Udozi is very simple to use which is great. A cross box option to delete the whole word if you want to place a new search would be useful, but other than that I can not fault the app. Once more and more retailers come on board with Udozi finding products that you are searching for will be even easier. I have a feeling this is going to be a very popular shopping tool! It's a perfect app for those who need inspiration on where to look for products, especially when buying a gift.

I think it would be great if Udozi added store offers on their homepage in the style of perhaps a rolling widget so that you could also see where you can save money or purchase presents for occasions like Father's Day which is coming up.

You can find Udozi on many social media options here.

Many thanks to Chris, Diffusion PR and of course Udozi for allowing me to take part in this experience as well as the stores mentioned for helping me purchase some great finds.

Have you used the Udozi mobile app or website? If yes, how did it work for you? If no, will you be trying it out? Have you found any great purchases from The Garden Pharmacy or The Algerian Coffee Store? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


  1. I've got to check this out - it looks a great way of shopping!

    Grace X


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