NOTD: Queen Nail Lacquer Silver Glitter

Hi there cuties. I hope you are having a fab Saturday. Today I am catching up on some chores, but I wanted to blog about my current manicure as it is gorgeous and lasting really well.

I applied one coat of my Rimmel base coat followed by two coats of this Queen Nail Lacquer. With just two coats I managed to get full coverage on each nail with no spacing between the glitters. I think this is really hard to find in a glitter nail polish as they are usually just clear polish with minimal glitter to use as a top coat over a colour, but sometimes I just want a BAM of glitter. This is a silver glitter that does not have a name. I believe this brand is only sold to professionals. I picked this up at Olympia Beauty in 2011, link. These were £1.20 each, but as I got 6 I got 1 free :) This photo was taken today (Saturday) and I painted this manicure on Wednesday evening so these have lasted 3 days and are just starting to chip. They may have lasted longer with a top coat, but I just used my Elegant Touch Nail Drying Spray on these. Here is a link to Olympia Beauty if you are interested in attending this year.

What are your favourite nail glitters? Have you found any that give a finish like this? Will you be attending Olympia Beauty this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

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