T-Shirt Day 2013

Hi there and Happy Friday. Thank goodness it's the weekend. I feel totally zapped and having been feeling a bit rough all week. How has your week been?

Today I wanted to let those of you that don't already know it's T-Shirt Day 2013! This is the 6th international T-Shirt Day. Follow #tshirtday to find out about activities and campaigns going on all over the world. 

I discovered T-Shirt Day via an email from Maria at spreadshirt.co.uk

I ordered a t-shirt from them at Xmas time for my fella. They allow you to create your own style of t-shirt as well as many other products such as hoodies, shorts, joggers, hats, bags, phone cases etc. 

You basically choose the garment then choose from the pre-designed logos on offer and/or add text. You can alter the size of the lettering and style as well as the logo. You can also upload your own photos to add to your design. The garment colour and design added can be changed in colour too. Once you are happy with your design you can then choose the size and that's job done.

The range covers items for women, men, children, babies and even maternity wear.

The t-shirt I ordered came in good time and is great quality cotton. Not at all thin or cheaply made. The lettering is printed well too and looks just how I wanted.

You can also use this website to create your own designs and sell them so why not get creating!

Here is the t-shirt I ordered. Any of you that watch The Big Bang Theory will understand the design. I have seen a similar design to this before with knock knock in brackets after each penny, but I prefer it this way.

Here is an old Primark t-shirt of mine that I still love.

If I wanted to create something similar I could using the spreadshirt design tools. It's so easy to use and fun to play around with colours and styles. 

I would definitely go back to spreadshirt to create other designs. I think these are great for gifts. Also if there is a t-shirt you are after or other item of clothing or accessory that you can recreate for possibly an even cheaper price on this website then why not. 

The Primark Dork, Jerk & Loser t-shirts that I picked up in this haul would be easy to create, but these were only £4.00 each. If however you wanted a logo that no-one else has as so many people have these Primark t-shirts now then this design tool could help you stand out from the crowd.

Have you tried designing your own t-shirts or other items? If yes, which designs did you create? Are you taking part in T-Shirt Day? If yes, let me know how in the comments below?

Love to you all

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