Poundland Make-Up Haul

Hello you sweet peas. Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day to Dad's out there. Sadly my Dad has passed so I can't spend today with him, but I hope you are having a wonderful day with your pops. I visited Poundland on Friday. One of my favourite shopping trips I have to say and here are the make-up beauties I picked up.

Chit Chat Foundation Oatmeal, 30ml for £1.00

I hope you can see here that it blends out nicely. This is a yellow toned foundation. I did see another shade that was pink toned from this range. I am not sure if they are the only two shades. There appears to be no scent with this. I was in desperate need of picking up a new foundation, but as I was short on time this seemed like a good option to try. This seems very lightweight as it is described.

Famous By Sue Moxley Lipgloss Edit, 6ml for £1.00

I could not find this on the website for a link sorry. This smells sweet like those twist up lipstick type of sweets you used to get. This is a beautiful iced baby pink lipgloss with I believe pink and lilac glitter reflects within the gloss.

Milani Glimmer Stripes All-Over Colour 05 Honey Glimmer, 12.8g for £1.00

These are the shades swatched as they are in the pan in the first photo. The two lightest shades don't show up too well when swatched.

I am not sure if you can see it well enough here, but this is a swatch of all the shades in the palette merged together. The effect is a very subtle, soft golden bronze shimmer. This palette is meant for the face, cheeks & eyes. I think this would also be beautiful on areas of the body such as the collar bone, arms and down the front of the legs to highlight a tan. This does not appear to be on the website either, but there were a few palette shades in this range.

What bargains have you found lately in Poundland or other pound shops? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

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