Everyone's At The Disco

Hello Gorgeous. Yeah that's all of you. Happy Bank Holiday. I hope you are making the most of it. I know you have most likely read a whole load of blog posts of people finding great dupes for the American Apparel Disco Pants and I just thought I would show you my very cheap dupe pair if you are a girl like me who is always up for a bargain.

These are the Black Amerie High Shine High Waisted Disco Pants. I got these from boohoo.com when they had a 20% off sale. They are not having a sale at the moment, but they are offering Free UK Saver Delivery until midnight when you spend over £25.00. These are currently selling for £15.00. These come in shades of Berry, Cobalt and Silver as shown in the link above. There are many other Disco Pants on the BooHoo website, most of which look the same as these, but are named differently. Here is a link to all of them. I am very tempted to get the Navy and Charcoal shades.

Now onto my thoughts. I am obviously impressed by them or I wouldn't want other shades, but let me tell you why. These are a really great length on me. I'm about 5ft 3 and usually find I either have to take things up or just deal with some ruching around my ankles if things are too long. The inside leg on these is 67cm. They are made from Nylon and Elastane and are machine washable. These are high waisted and are clingy as you would expect leggings/disco pants to be. In the second photo I am pinching where the elastic inside the waistband is so that you can see it does not fill that whole section where the waist material is. I hate it when you buy trousers, leggings or joggers and you have elastic at the waist the keeps folding over. I do not find these do this once I have them on because they are definitely high waisted. These are Black, but because they have a slight sheen to them they do catch the sunlight on a bright day. I don't think my bottom looks too bad in these, but I feel more comfortable pairing these with a long vest or t-shirt. These do not lose their shape if you wear them a couple of times without washing. They wrinkle just a wee bit behind the knees, but I don't think I could wear a size down as elasticated waists on my tummy make it bloat out no matter what size I wear. I am such a weirdo as I'm the same when I wear tights. I have these in a size 10 and I usually wear 8-10.

missguided.co.uk are also selling what looks to be this same style for £14.99 and they are offering 10% off until midnight tonight.

If you would like to see these in an OOTD/OOTN post let me know in the comments below. Have you found any great disco pants?

Love to you all

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