July 2012 Empties

Hiya Everyone. I hope you are all having a blissful weekend. Today I have a massive post for you as I have used up so many products in July. I will give you my opinions on each of the products so check it out below.

Left To Right:

Johnson's Baby Cotton Pads ~ 99p Per Pack Of 50

Previously reviewed here.

Davines Authentic Moisturising Face/Hair/Body Balm ~ £17.40

I received this product in my March 2012 JolieBox. This product can be used in various ways, but I have been using it as a cleanser/make-up remover. I squeeze some product onto the Johnson's Cotton Pads and wipe away make-up and dirt. I don't rinse my face off afterwards as it's a cream product that gets wiped away so I don't feel the need to do this.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer ~ £Various depending on size and if spritzer or bottle

I received this as part of an Anniversary gift from my fella in June 2011. I have already reviewed the smaller spritzer version of this product here. This was quite refreshing when I got badly sunburned a few weeks ago. This product comes in bottles and spritzers. Check out the link here.

Please excuse the kitchen roll in this photo, but as you can see some products get messy :) 

Left To Right:

Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser, 15ml for £7.50 or 50ml for £19.00

I received this product in my May 2012 JolieBox. I'm not too much of a fan of rose scents usually, but this didn't bother me as it wasn't too strong an aroma. This was a nice enough face cream.

Balance Me Wonder eye cream, Various Prices on ebay.co.uk 

I got this free with my August 2012 issue of Glamour Magazine. It's nice and smooth to use, but I don't think it made any difference to my eye area.

Montagne Jeunesse Hot Chocolate Self Heating Face Masque, 99p for a 15g sachet

I picked this up while in New Look some time ago. This masque is meant for normal, oily & combination skin. Mine is dry, but I just picked this up on a whim and thought I would try it anyway. I used my usual cleansing methods before applying this then wet my face. It's quite a messy process applying this as it does have that warm, runny chocolate texture. Don't attempt to eat this though as trust me it is self heating which I didn't realise when I bought it. I did have a little panic at first as I thought this stuff is really warm on my face, but then I read the sachet and the panic was over. It is really fun to apply. You can really smell the orange chocolate scent. After 10-15mins I removed the masque with warm water and a flannel. My skin was fine even though this was not meant for my skin type. I am not advising you to try it though if you unsure if this will work okay on your skin!

Elizabeth Arden Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, Optimizing Skin Serum & Gentle Hydrating Cream SPF15

I received these samples in my July 2012 GlossyBox

Elizabeth Arden Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, £17.00 for 150ml

This was a nice cleanser to use. I wasn't sure about the scent though. It's quite hard to describe.

Elizabeth Arden Optimizing Skin Serum, £38.00 for 30ml

Now I have to say I really liked this. It felt like it was really doing something for my skin and I don't say that too often. My skin felt smooth and plumped instantly. It is quite expensive, but I might consider buying it in the future or asking for it for Xmas.

Elizabeth Arden Gentle Hydrating Cream SPF15, £32.00 for 50ml

I didn't expect to be lucky enough to like two products out of the three, but I did. This face cream was lovely and combined with the serum I felt like I was truly pampered. Again it's quite expensive, but for 50ml I guess it's not too bad.

Left To Right:

Hello Kitty Toothbrush, £1.00

I received this for Xmas. Actually I got two from two different people because they know I love Hello Kitty. The other toothbrush I already reviewed here.

2 x 100 Johnson's Cotton Buds, 200 buds for £1.00

I previously reviewed these here.

Cherry Culture Bubble Gum Lip Balm, Free for me with my order, but at the moment $0.99 for this stick

When I got this free with my Cherry Culture order I was like yeah that's cool. A lip balm is always handy, but this smells fun like childhood. The texture feels amazing on your lips. I like the twist up tube, but this product does melt a little in the heat. The packaging for this scent now shows up as purple on their website. There are some fun looking other scents of this product too. I think I would like to try Strawberry, Grape and Raspberry.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, £5.00 for 15g or $7.84

My Mum gave this to me, but I'm afraid it's just not a product for me. This does have a really nice lemon scent, but when I applied it it didn't feel like I was really applying anything useful. 

Burt's Bees Hand Salve, £7.15 or $4.16/$4.49

This had the same texture as the above product and a kind of medicinal smell. I know Burt's Bees products are quite popular and maybe I just have the wrong ones, but these did nothing for me. Sorry Mum.

Left To Right:

Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick, £16.15 for 12g or $27.00. Trial Pack £3.89

I received this starter kit in my June 2012 GlossyBox. I tried this product in the shade Porcelain 11. I tried this with my fingers and with a flat make-up brush. I tried it as both a foundation and as a concealer. I also tried it with and without translucent powder. Unfortunately it did not work for me in any of these ways. I found it very drying on my skin. It concealed a certain amount, but as I found it quite dry and patchy I almost would rather have tried not to cover my blemishes at all as my skin did not look good after applying it and I was conscious of this.

GlossyBox Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush, RRP £15.00

I received this brush in my June 2012 GlossyBox. I like how this brush feels to the touch, but it does malt a bit and it just wasn't a great brush for applying my blush or contouring. I think it just doesn't have much shape to work around the face.

Jane Iredale Purelash Extender & Conditioner, £13.00 for 30g or $16.20 for 9g

I received this in one of my beauty boxes a long time ago and it has lasted ages for this wee sample. There was a period of time when I didn't use it because I couldn't find it, but I really like this product. It does give that extra something before you apply your mascara. It's a good base that lifts the lashes before you coat your usual mascara over the top. I think E.L.F. do one though so I will see if that's any cheaper and perhaps give it a try.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Volume & Length Mascara (Black), Sent to me for free

I was sent this mascara for free. You can Google this and find it on many links. I have already reviewed it here

Left To Right:

Ayuuri Natural Body Wash (Sensual Indian Rose), £4.95 for 200ml

I received this product in my April 2012 GlossyBox. This was nice enough to use. It lasted quite a while. The bottle was a little hard to open, especially in the shower and I don't like these bottle to squeeze the end of the bottle out of, but it did what it was meant to.

Gorgeous By Gok Sensational "Liquid Gold" Body Wash, £2.99 for 200ml

I received this as part of a Xmas vanity set from my Mum, Link. I love the smell of this range which usually comes out at Xmas exclusively to Boots. I will be asking for more this Xmas. This leaves a really nice glisten on your skin.

Boots Mango & Orange Blossom Shower Gel, £1.29 for 250ml

I bought this on a 3 for 2 at Boots. This does have a nice scent, but I do find it a little sickly after using it for a while.

Boots Coconut & Almond Shower Cream, £1.29 for 250ml

This was one of the other ones that I picked up in the 3 for 2. I really like this one. It has a milky, creamy scent.

Left To Right:

Gorgeous By Gok Sensational "Liquid Gold" Bath Essence, £2.99 for 200ml

This was also part of the same gift set. I enjoyed this product as much as the Body wash.

Gorgeous By Gok Sensational "Deluxe Gold" Body Butter, Various links on Ebay

This was from the same gift set also. This smells just as great and leaves a gorgeous glisten on the skin. My only bug bear with this product is that the yellow tint in it stains my clothes after applying it. It does come off clothes in the wash, but it's not great if you are wearing white. 

Hello Kitty Liberty Body Scrub, 99p for 50ml and 50ml body butter included

This was part of my Xmas Gifts too. I love the scent and the packaging, but I didn't like the actual look of this product. It's a little brown.

Gillette Satin Care Sensitive Skin With Aloe Vera Shave Gel, £3.25 for 200ml or $1.97 for 7oz

I got this free with some other products that I bought from Boots. I like the Gillette shave Gels as they do give a smooth surface for shaving. This had a very neutral scent.

2 x Bic Razors, £1.27 for 5 razors

I got these in a pack as a present for Xmas. They do work pretty well. They are quite sharp which is good, but I can cut myself a little more easily if I don't take my time.

Left To Right:

Superdrug Essential Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

I can't remember if this can I bought myself or if it was given to me for Xmas. This was about 69p from Superdrug, but I can't find it on their website. I previously reviewed this here.

Boots Pretty Body spray, £1.02 for 75ml

My Mum gave this to me as she didn't like it much. I found the scent non-offensive though. It is quite pretty as the name suggests and a little floral.

Bex London Londoner Urban Fragrance (W1X), £81.00 for 100ml

I received this in my July 2012 GlossyBox. See my thoughts in that link. The tube stopped spraying near the end so I couldn't use the little bit left in the bottom.

Hollister California Perfume, Various Links On Ebay

My fella bought this for me at Xmas a couple of years ago. I have had this before and it's really nice. It's quite a sexy, but not overpowering scent. I would say this is more of a day scent for me personally.

Beyonce Heat Perfume

There are so many places to find this such as Ebay, Amazon and Argos that I would just say Google it as I bought mine a couple of years ago as apart of a gift set in the January sales from ASOS. This has a very warm and sensual scent. Definitely more of a night time fragrance. Quite seductive.

So that's all folks. What products have you been loving and loathing in July? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

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