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Hello you beautiful people. I have missed you all since my last post. I hope your week has been good so far. The rain is here for bank holiday weekend as usual, surprise surprise. I have bought a few items from that I thought you might be interested in.

I have already purchased two of these USA Pro Bra Tops in the Red shade, Link. I got both the same colour as I could never find the others in my size in store, but then I saw the Orange (top of photo, front side) and Black (bottom of photo, back side) in store and I just had to pick them up. 

When I exercise I always find that I can never quite find the right type of sports bra to hold me in. I have tried just exercising in my normal bras and sports bras that were like bras, but a lot more rigid and uncomfortable. I wasn't falling out of them as I moved around, but I would get a sweat rash from how solid and structured they were. Especially with the under wiring.

These USA Pro Bra Tops are fab. They have an elasticated band at the bottom which does not give me a sweat rash as it is covered by material. The front is not too low or too high. These have a racer back so no chance of straps falling down when you move around. They are made from Nylon, Elastane and Polyester. There are moulded cups in the bra to help keep you in place when you are exercising. These can be removed. After washing these Bra Tops in the machine I re-position the cups into place as they do tend to fold over in the wash. These were £17.99 each, but have now been reduced to £9.99. This design does also come in Purple.

Well Hello Kitty. As I made my way to the till yesterday with my Bra Tops in hand I was stopped in my tracks by these beauties. Are they not just the cutest? Being a Hello Kitty fan I could not pass these up. These were reduced from £5.00 to £3.00. I know summer is not likely to be around for much longer (she says while looking at the rain), but these will get used as much as possible :) You can find this Light Pink pair here. I also want the Red design here. You can also buy the children's sizes here. The Light Pink is £2.50, but the Fuschia is £4.00.

I hope you found this post helpful or at least enjoyed some Hello Kitty cuteness. What are you favourite exercise clothing/accessories?

Love to you all

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