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Hi Everyone. I hope that as many of you as possible have tomorrow off work to enjoy an extra long weekend. I dread Sunday's because that thought of going back to work the next day is always in the back of my mind, but not this weekend :)


Today I want to share with you a clothing item that I think a lot of you will like.



I have had these New Look Dark Red Ponti Treggings for ages. I absolutely adore them as they are so comfy, yet they are an upgrade from just an everyday pair of leggings. They have front and back pockets like your average pair of jeans. There are belt loops around the waist. They fasten with a button and zip to the front. These slip on very easily, but because they have more of a trouser feel than leggings they feel a bit smarter. I think these are great for everyday, but would look great to take you into night time as well. Sometimes I wear these with a t-shirt half in, half out. I think they would look great with a shirt/blouse and some ankle boots for a smarter look. These are made up of Polyester, Viscose and Elastane. I feel like these pull me in nicely, but they really are comfy. For reference I am a size 8-10. These fit me well between both sizes and I bought a size 8. I would suggest going a size down if you are not between sizes. They do wrinkle ever so slightly behind the knees, but I think that is mainly because they are a bit thicker than most leggings. I still wear these in the summer though as I wouldn't be any warmer in these than if I wore jeans. I am about 5ft 3 and these are quite long on me. From crotch to ankle these appear to be a 31inch leg. Here is a link to this pair that are £16.99.

I was desperate to get more of these and on a wee shopping trip I managed to pick up these in Charcoal Grey and Black. The Black appear to be called Mid-Rise Treggings on the website, but they look the same as the ones I have. Also the tags on them say Ponti, but on the website it's spelt Ponte just so you know. I actually bought three pairs of the black as I will probably wear those the most and black fades quicker than other colours. These are such a wardrobe staple for me and for £16.99 I think they are a total bargain. I was tempted to try the size 6 in store to see if they would fit a little better behind the knees, but the waist looked too small and I was too lazy. I saw online ages ago that they also had these Treggings in Green and Brown, but I never saw them in store. I wish I had ordered them online now :(

While writing this post and checking out the New Look website I notice that they have these Treggings Dark Red Teens for £11.99 and Black for £11.99. If you can fit into those sizes and save money then why not. It looks like the only difference is that they have 5 pockets instead of 4. You know how you get the mini pocket inside of one of your front pockets on some jeans. They also have the Ladies Treggings in Blue Denim for £14.99 or the Teens Dark Blue Denim for £9.99. I wonder if the Teens come in a better length for us shorter gals?

I hope I gave you all the information you may have wanted in this post. I was thinking of doing an OOTD/OOTN with these. If you would like to see that just let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all

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