DHC Q10 Base MakeUp Moisture Care Liquid Foundation (No 00 & No 01)

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! Have you been having a good weekend so far? I went to the opticians and saw Mum on Friday, blogged and did some chores on Saturday and tonight we are off out with my fella's family for dinner and drinks.

Today I want to review for you a foundation that was sent out to me for free by Freedom PR. It's the DHC Q10 Base MakeUp Moisture Care Liquid Foundation in shades No 00 & No 01. These are the two lightest shades.

Left: No 00 & Right: No 01

Both of these shades are called Natural Ocher. In fact all four shades are named this which I find rather strange. The other two shades are 02 and 03. 

Shade 00

Shade 01

So here is some information about this foundation:

This ultra-moisturising, age-fighting foundation is bursting with free-radical fighting super antioxidant coenzyme Q10. It not only provides full, even coverage for flawless-looking skin, its blend of collagen, elastin and oat kernel extract moisturise and plump to help minimise the appearance of fine lines. 


Dispense a small amount and spread evenly over face using fingertips or a make-up sponge.

I have tried both of these shades and neither of them look as dark as they do in these swatches. They are a little bit too orange toned for my skin, but to be honest when looking for lighter shades in a foundation is a struggle these actually don't look that far away from my natural skin tone. When there are only four shades in a range you are lucky if you get a perfect match.

At first I tried applying this with my stippling brush. I find most foundations work well with this, but this one did not. Although this foundation is liquid it seems to cling to my face in just one area when using my brush. I can not fault the foundation though as it does not advise to use a brush to apply.

Therefore I went on to using my fingers to apply this. It does work much better in this way. I think the warmth of my fingers helped to manoeuvre it around my face a lot easier. 

I did use powder to set this at first, but I found that dry patches were showing up a little as this foundation is quite matte when it sets so I stopped using the powder. My concealer clings to my skin a little more too when using this foundation so it makes that a bit harder to work with. 

I am able to go over with more than one layer, but I still find that my hyper pigmentation on my face shows through as it doesn't seem to cover as a full foundation like it looks on my hand. I would say it's light/medium at most. 

I used just one pump in each of these photos. I can cover my whole face and neck with just one pump as I always apply down to where my neckline finishes on my clothes.

There does not appear to be any scent to these foundations.

I do like the packaging. It's a feminine shade without being tacky. It doesn't look cheap at all. 

I found shades 00 and 01 to be very similar. 01 had very slightly more of a deeper tone, but to be honest on my skin there wasn't much difference. 

So here are the pro's & con's:

Pro's ~

Easy to apply (if applied fairly quickly)
A little goes a long way
No need for powder
Pretty good match for light skin 
No Scent
Nice packaging

Con's ~

A little too orange in tone
Makes concealer harder to apply
Not great coverage
Too expensive with it's £25.00 price tag

Please bear in mind that these pro's and con's are based on how I found this product to work for my skin type.

So would I buy this in the future. I have to be honest and say no. It's too drying for me so even though it's meant to be great for the skin it's not great for mine. I want more coverage from a foundation and if I'm going to pay this much for it it has to work better for me. I am disappointed as I loved the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil that I tried in one of my GlossyBox's so hopefully I will try another of their products in the future and fall in love with that.

To view the details of this foundation for yourself check out this link.

How do you find this foundation works for you if you have tried it? Are there any other DHC products that you recommend trying? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


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