Beauty Cutey Intro & Dreamweave & Co Lash Construct Magnet Mascara Black Review

Hi there wonderful people. Happy, happy, joy, joy the sun is out. I ventured out today in my short acidwash dungarees and a white t-shirt. No jacket for me which is unheard of and I was not cold, yipee!

Anyway today I have a mascara for you that was sent to me for free by Beauty Cutey to review.

Dreamweave & Co Lash Construct Magnet Mascara Black. I do like the packaging of this mascara. It's a simple gold tube, but I think it stands out from all the cheaper looking plastic styles out there.

The plastic brush head is has spokes all around it, but none on top like some other brands do. The brush head flexes at the end of the wand so it is not stiff. I do like this type of wand as I think it gives the best type of application for me. The formula of the mascara itself is quite wet as you can probably see from this photo.

Before mascara. You can see the blonde tips of my lashes.

I applied one coat to the top lashes and used the remaining product on the lower lashes. 

I added a second coat to the top lashes only as I prefer a thicker flutter on top. 

Here is a little info about the product:

Dreamweave & Co have developed a brand new system using ‘WIDE LASH’ technology that will thicken and nourish the root and stem in 15 days. When Dreamweave mascara is applied it gives a weightless lengthening and flexible flutter with no smudges, clumps or panda eyes. With its ‘go to bed’ formulation you can wake up and still be mascared. 

I would say that this mascara is definitely thickening as the silicone formula wraps around your lashes which is why they advise to apply to one side of your lashes first and then the other. I have always applied mascara to the top of my lashes and then the underneath as any eyeshadow used will fall onto your lashes so when you look downwards or close your eyes this will show unless you coat the top too. Just a little tip ;) 

I do not find the formula clumpy unless applying two coats as I do, but even then it's only very slight. As the idea is not to go back over the mascara once you have coated both sides I can't really fault the mascara for this anyway. 

The pigment is very black which I really like. The formula is quite wet and so it's easy to transfer the mascara onto your lids if you are in a rush like I was here, but as long as you are careful it will be fine. 

The lashes when it has dried are left flexible and do not flake. I have noticed smudging under my left eye below the lashes, but this does not happen every time as it's fine today and I have been wearing it for about 8 hours. 

I haven't tried sleeping in it as I take my make-up off at night so I can't tell you if it will look as good the next morning. 

I would say this is a weightless and lengthening mascara too. I can't tell yet, but let me know in the comments if you think this has thickened and nourished the roots of your lashes if you have used it.

This 6ml Mascara is available at Beauty Cutey for £14.50. If you decide to order products from Beauty Cutey please use code beautifuladdictions so that they know I have introduced you to the brand via my blog.

So who are Beauty Cutey? Beauty Cutey supply make-up, skincare, haircare, nail products and fake tan. They have some popular brands on the website such as Bare Minerals, Elemis, MD Formulations, Nioxin, Paul Mitchell, Jessica, Fake Bake & Xen Tan. 

They have their own Beauty Blog which also covers lifestyle, fashion and food. 

You can sign up to their newsletter for free to receive updates about offers and products as there are lots of great deals with reduced prices and free delivery already on all products.  

Bloggers can contact Beauty Cutey to work with them as I have done in this review. 

There are many social media options to follow Beauty Cutey too. 

You can also make a wishlist of products.

There is a Beauty Cutey Club where you can take advantage of these great benefits:

 I like rewards for spending money so if you are going to order these products online why not get them from Beauty Cutey as you can get more for your money than you might have first thought.

To view the Beauty Cutey website and all of the products please check out this link!

Have you already made purchases from Beauty Cutey? If yes, which products did you buy and were you happy with the service? Have you tried this mascara? If yes, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below.

Love to you all


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