August 2012 Empties

Hi Everyone. This week has gone really quick. I find it really hard to remember what day I'm in at the moment. Today I want to show you the products I have used up in August and my thoughts on them.

Left To Right:

Me To You 80 Handy Wipes Orange Scented, £1.00 From Poundland

Previously reviewed here.

Johnson's Baby Cotton Pads, 99p From 99p Stores

Previously reviewed here.

Beauty Formulas Deep Action Pore Cleanser, 99p From 99p Stores

This product is said to be suitable for all skin types. It's a cream cleanser that you simply squeeze onto cotton wool and wipe over the face morning and night. This was nice enough to use. It had a light blue colour to it which I think is quite unusual as most creams are white or cream in shade. This had a very gentle scent.

L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream, 99p From Ebay Plus Delivery

I received this product in my June 2012 JolieBox. This was a nice face cream to use. It felt very fresh and smooth on the skin.

Left To Right:

Aquafresh Extreme Clean Intense Rush Toothpaste, 48p through

My fella brought this with him when we moved in together so we both used this. It is nice and minty as most toothpastes are. I'm not much of a fan of screw tops on toothpastes. I'm more of a flip top kind of girl.

2 x 100 Johnson's Cotton Buds, 41p for 200 buds from

Poundland used to sell these in packs of 200 buds for £1.00, but this is no longer the case :( I have found them much cheaper in the link above though :) Previously reviewed here.

Balea Shave Gel With Olive Oil For Dry Skin, 99p from 99p Stores

I received this from my Mum for Xmas. I know where it's from as I used to buy it for myself. This has a mousse type of formula, but it is a bit more smooth like a gel too. It works well for the price. There is not much of a scent to it.

I received these for Xmas from my fella's Mum. Previously reviewed here.

Gillette Razor, Price Unknown

I'm sorry I can't tell you the price of this product as I just picked it up on a trip to Morrison's recently and I can't find the receipt. It came in a pack of about 4 I think. I like the grip of this handle. It's made of plastic and rubber. These are not too sharp so I don't nick myself as easily as I would with the Bic razors, but it still does a good job.

Left To Right:

Boots Soltan Moisturising Aftersun Lotion, £4.25 in a pack with the suncare lotion SPF15 from

I think that fella of mine nicked this from his Mum when we moved. The second time I got badly burnt this year was in my garden after applying sun lotion throughout the day. I'm a sensitive soul don't ya know :( I was not amused and in need of some cooling relief. This lotion did feel very cooling. I think the packaging of this product has changed now or it may be a different product entirely as Boots is showing 'hydrating' creams in this range as opposed to this 'moisturising' one?

Boots Mango & Orange Blossom Shower Gel, £1.29 from Boots

Previously reviewed here.

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Foaming Cream Scrub, £3.99 plus delivery from

My fella bought me this a couple of Xmas' back as part of a gift set. This was a nice scrub that had a sheen to it, although it did not look shiny on my skin after use. I do like the scent and the size of the scrub particles. I did become sensitive to the body lotion from this range at Sanctuary which is why I put off using this, but this product did not cause a reaction on my skin at all.

Superdrug Essential Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, Was approx 69p, but I believe no longer available

Previously reviewed here.

Left To Right:

Caudalie Eaux Fraiches (Zeste De Vigne), £26.00 from

I received this in my June 2012 GlossyBox. My thoughts are the same as my initial impressions in that post. Two friends at work said they liked this fragrance.

I think this is known as the Original fragrance from Juicy Couture. I have had this bottle for a few years now and believe me I have savoured every last drop. My fella bought me this in a gift set one Xmas that came with the body lotion and shower gel. I adore this fragrance. If I had to pick one scent for the rest of my life this would be it. I have had so may compliments when I wear this. Even from strangers. I used to save this mostly for going on evenings out as I didn't want to use it all up to easily. I would say that if you are looking to feel sexy, sultry and put together this is the scent for you. This is not child-like at all. I have tried and enjoyed many scents over the years, but this one never fails to make me feel like a sex kitten. I would be happy to receive this as a gift again this Xmas or even for my birthday in January, MASSIVE HINTS THROWN AT FELLA HERE ;) I will enjoy the necklace that is wound around the top of the bottle as a keepsake if nothing else.

JolieBox Nail File, Free with my June 2012 JolieBox

Who couldn't love a pink nail file. I have used this quite a bit, but it has worn out and is starting to bend near the middle so it's time to let it go.

Barry M Nail Paint in the shade 279 - Bright Pink, £2.66 with free delivery

NOTD post and review here.

Primark Ta Ta For Now Magic Undereye Concealer (Light), Unsure if still available?

Previously reviewed here.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate 16 Hour Wear Concealer (Light 2), £3.99 from Boots

'Collection 2000' is now known just as 'Collection' for reference. This is a really good concealer and for the price I would pick up again. It has a doe foot applicator. This tube has lasted me absolutely ages. I am very, very pale, but I got the shade Light 2 as the lighter shade was even a bit to light for me so if you are pale be sure to check out the testers first. This concealer covers blemishes well. I have a few red veins that need a little more coverage really, but for the average spot and/or bit of reddening this works really well. It goes on easily. I tap it in with my finger and it blends in with my foundation no problem. I use this under my eyes too and it does not crease. I does not go patchy or dry on my dry skin either. I could not tell you if this lasts 16 hours as I don't usually wear my make-up for more than about 12 hours when I'm at work, but it does a pretty good job for that long. The only bad thing about this product is the writing on the packaging. As you can see it has all rubbed off.

E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (Black), £1.50 from, $1.00 from

Usually I am a massive fan of buying products from E.L.F., but this one I was not impressed with. I have tried this quite a few times as I don't like to give up on products easily, but compared to other eyeliner pens this one just doesn't do the job. The nib does not stay solid and precise to get that smooth, clean line, but more than that it's just not really black how I want it to be. It's like a faded black. The coverage is not that great as it skips over the skin on the eyelid. When I go back over the line to fill in the gaps it then takes a bit of the product off that I have already applied. I have heard some people rave about this pen and some that have similar woes to mine so it might be a bit of a hit and miss product? I'm glad I tried it, but it's not for me.

So that's all my empty products from the last month. I hope you found these wee reviews helpful.

Love to you all

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