balance Me. Super Moisturising Body Wash

Hi there my loves. How are you all? I have another product to review for you which was sent to me for free by balance Me.


 This product is free from sulphates so that you will feel fresh and clean whilst treating your body to an intensive moisture hit. The richest and thickest of the balance Me. washes, so a little goes a long way. For head to toe moisturising without any effort, add a cap full to your bath water for a naturally foaming, truly soothing skin soak.

My thoughts:

Hands down I love this product. I have to say that first as there is nothing bad about it. The scent I just can't get enough of. I feel like I am in a spa when I shower with this. A very pampering product which is a real treat for my body. Relaxing, calming, soothing and heavenly are all words that spring to mind. I also reviewed the Super Moisturising Hand Cream from this range too and as you will see in my review I fell in love with that product also because of the scent. I find it very therapeutic which is why I enjoy that the products in this range linger on the skin for hours and hours.

Aside from the gorgeous aroma the body wash itself is a gel like formula that glides over the body leaving you with very moisturised skin. I think this is mainly because of the shea butter.

I tried this in the bath last night and OMG talk about aromatic. The whole bathroom filled with the aroma of this product. I think it would actually be great for those with a cold too as the scent feels like you are breathing something in to make you feel clearer. No joke!

For information on the balance Me. Debenhams launch check out this link!

Which are your favourite body washes from balance Me. ? Do you have a favourite balance Me. range? Let me know with your reasons why in the comments below.

Love to you all


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